The Nakiri (Traditional) Knife Review

The Nakiri is one of the most popular traditional Japanese knives. It is designed for full and rhythmic chopping strokes.

Its shape is similar to a short cleaver which has a flat profile featuring a thin and straight blade, despite the slight curve toward the blunt edge.
The Nakiri (Traditional) Knife Review
There is a substantial spine tapering to a square, blunt tip. However, it is thin behind the edge with a symmetrical and convex grind. 

It’s created for the primary purpose of slicing, dicing and chopping veggies, the blade length is between 5 and 7 inches. 

With a double level edge, food falls off easily as the blade of Nakiri glides through what you’re prepping. But it is safe to use in the kitchen with a square tip.

Nakiri uses a straight up and down motion, without the need for any pulling or horizontal pushing.

You can make ribbon cuts and paper thin slices as the edge glides through the food. Because of the refined cutting edge, Nakiri knife is ideal for using on veggies and herbs without any fear of crushing delicate tissue.

That’s why the Nakiri knife is one of the best choices for home cooks.

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