Skebbies™ 2.5 – Scam? Read This Review!

Should you buy Skebbies™ 2.5? Is it worth your money?

I am sure we can all agree that there is nothing better than removing your sore toes from your shoes and socks after a long day of work. A minute of releasing those twinkle toes is the best feeling in the world.

It makes sense you would need house slippers when you are walking around on hard flat floors (unless you’re okay with walking unshod). But normal house slippers tend to hurt.

That is where a pair of Skebbies™ 2.5 comes in. 

It is increasingly important to invest in a comfortable pair of sandals that will support your feet and help reduce your discomfort in your joints and muscles.

However, since you might not be so familiar with Skebbies™ 2.5, I have spent some time researching the brand to help you make a more informed decision.

At the end of this article, I’ll also let you know where to get the best price for Skebbies™ 2.5 so that you can avoid being overcharged.

Below is what I’ll cover in the review of Skebbies™ 2.5.

What is Skebbies™ 2.5?

Soft, thick, and comfortable, the Skebbies™ 2.5 relieve foot and joint pain.

Skebbies™ 2.5′ contemporary designs and versatile materials make them ideal for all those who suffer from any type of foot pain and want to avoid classic slides.

With Skebbies™ 2.5, your pressure is evenly balanced from your hips down to your feet, reducing foot, knee, hip, and ankle discomfort instantly.

Skebbies™ 2.5 are made of 100% EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), which is widely accepted as being safe for use in shoes and teethers.

EVA is a type of plastic that does not contain plasticizers or BPA, so it is considered to be a safer alternative material. The Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (CEHJ) recommends EVA as a safer alternative plastic to PVC.

Your calves and heel will be free from discomfort and pain for the entire day with this new design.

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How Does Skebbies™ 2.5 Work?

The feet are the foundation of your body and keeping them healthy is vital to overall health. Your feet endure a lot more than you realize. 

You take a beating on your feet each day when you carry the weight of your body and spend hours locked in your shoes. Athletes and runners take even more of a beating.

Skebbies™ 2.5 were designed & built to relieve your feet of tension and provide more support. They not only help you relieve your feet, but also relieve any post-run discomfort in your knees, legs, and toes.

The Air Slides’ toe-to-tail angle is 15°, keeping pressure evenly balanced from your feet up to your hips. You’ll feel instant relief from severe foot, ankle, knee, and hip discomfort.

What are the features and benefits of Skebbies™ 2.5?

  • Helps with Recovery – Almost the same as the name suggests, Skebbies™ 2.5 will help your body recover after a long exercise or run. They relax your feet, reducing the pain & swelling. It is ideal for post-surgery or after an injury.
  • Improves Blood Circulation – Skebbies™ 2.5 with open-toed construction are designed primarily to reduce muscle and joint tension and to improve blood circulation. For runners, this is essential because the more oxygen your body receives, the better your muscles perform and recover.
  • Breathable & Lightweight – Every runner’s feet after running long distances become swollen, sweaty, and/or irritated. Skebbies™ 2.5 are cushioned to relieve those swollen feet and are breathable and light to help dry them faster.
  • Cradles Your Arch – Flip-flops and slippers have zero arch support; on the other hand, Skebbies™ 2.5 provide arch support and your feet will thank you.

Where to Get the Best Price for Skebbies™ 2.5?

Skebbies™ 2.5 are soft and sturdy as needed and have good resilience.

If you’d like to get the best price for Skebbies™ 2.5, you might go to the official retail store.

It is now selling Skebbies™ 2.5 at a fraction of the original price. But I’m not sure if the price might go up very soon.

That’s why I ended up buying a Skebbies™ 2.5 there and I still don’t regret it because of the great customer service and fast delivery!

You might consider checking it out so that you won’t regret it later.

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