The Bamboo Guy Knives Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Should you buy The Bamboo Guy Knives? Is it worth the money?

You may have come across an advertisement for The Bamboo Guy Knives on social media, but you may wonder whether it is as great as advertised.

Since my wife’s birthday is coming and she loves cooking a lot, I have spent some time researching the bran The Bamboo Guy Knives to see if it can make a great gift.

At the end of this article, I’ll also tell you where to get the best alternative of a The Bamboo Guy Knives.

Below is what I’ll cover in this review of The Bamboo Guy Knives.

What is The Bamboo Guy Knives?

The Bamboo Guy Knives is hand-forged from Japanese steel using traditional techniques passed down through generations of knife-smiths. It is great for everyday use in the kitchen, but also a good knife for the campaign and outdoor use.

The Bamboo Guy Knives makes it easy to handle your kitchen tasks, including chopping, shredding, dicing and more. As an all-around kitchen knife, it can give you effortlessly cut fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. 

This knife has a good amount of weight to it and the sharp blade makes it easy to slice any meat or fruit in my kitchen.

Since my wife loves making beef jerky from brisket, I decided to buy one for her. However, when I was going to fill in my credit card information, I found that there are similar knives on Amazon which are sold at much lower prices!

That’s why I ended up buying the Amazon’s Choice knife for my wife which turned out to be a great decision!

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Why Do You Need a The Bamboo Guy Knives?

If you are looking for an awesome looking knife that has superior cutting power, the The Bamboo Guy Knives might be your choice.

If you like cooking, you know a great knife can change the way you prepare meals.

You can use it to grill some steaks. It is easy to cut through fish and vegetables with The Bamboo Guy Knives.

The Bamboo Guy Knives can replace many other knives in your kitchen. It has a very sharp edge which can serve many of your slicing needs.

One thing to keep in mind is that the blades of The Bamboo Guy Knives need to be oiled before you put them away, otherwise they will rust.

When you receive The Bamboo Guy Knives, the blade will come with a light coating oil. That is to preserve the metal during delivery. You can simply wash it off with soap and water before using it.

What are the Features and Benefits of The Bamboo Guy Knives?

  • High-quality Material – With high carbon content, the stainless steel blade boasts excellent edge retention, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion qualities that keep the blade clean and dry following use. It also features a black curved wood handle that is easy to hold and use.
  • Razor Sharp Blade – Each blade has a 16-degree edge which makes it ultra sharp. Its seamless Full Tang design with a large finger hole ensures a firm grip. The blade is hand-forged with the unique 45-degree angle on the top and it has been finely ground with multi-channel composite processes for durability.
  • Unique Leather Sheath – With its leather sheath, The Bamboo Guy Knives is portable and easy to carry while camping. The blade is protected well by the sheath, and you can wear it on a belt for easy carrying when camping.
  • Multipurpose – With The Bamboo Guy Knives, you can easily handle your everyday kitchen tasks, such as chopping vegetables, slicing meat, removing bones from turkey, and fish. It’s your practical assistant whether you’re working indoors or outdoors.

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What are the Benefits of The Bamboo Guy Knives?

1. Product Quality is acceptable

The Bamboo Guy Knives’ product quality is satisfactory. It’s well-designed and serves its purpose well. Some customers may, however, receive defective products from them. As a result, I would recommend that The Bamboo Guy Knives inspect the products before shipping them to customers. Customers are less likely to receive subpar or defective products as a result of this.

2. Customer Service is Available

Shopping in stores that provide poor customer service is extremely inconvenient. As a result, it’s critical to shop at stores that at the very least provide a phone number and an email address for after-sales service.

The Bamboo Guy Knives’ customer service is adequate but not exceptional. You may contact them if you have any questions or concerns about your order, but it may take more than 48 hours to receive a response. This is not ideal, especially in some emergency situations.

3. The Bamboo Guy Knives meets the product description

Many stores use exaggerated marketing tactics in their advertisements to increase sales. This does not always imply that the product is a scam.

The Bamboo Guy Knives’ advertisements are quite impressive and can catch the attention of customers. Some may believe they are overhyped. However, you cannot conclude that it is a scam because The Bamboo Guy Knives does, to some extent, deliver on its promises.

4. Door-to-door Delivery

Many people prefer to shop online because it saves them time. Simply place an order and wait for the product to arrive. You are not required to drive to a physical store to obtain the product.

The Bamboo Guy Knives is an online retailer that offers door-to-door delivery. Even if you live in a remote location, you can still purchase from The Bamboo Guy Knives.

5. Easy to Place an Order

The Bamboo Guy Knives’ website design is appealing. It is very simple for people to place an order. Simply click the “add to cart” button and proceed to the payment page with your credit card. Unlike a physical store, The Bamboo Guy Knives’ website accepts orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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The Bamboo Guy Knives Cons and Complaints

1. The Bamboo Guy Knives is Overpriced

The Bamboo Guy Knives is not inexpensive. Many people complain that it is too expensive. Because the quality of The Bamboo Guy Knives is not superior to that of other similar products, the higher price is not justified.

You will be able to find a similar or identical product at a lower cost elsewhere. Let me tell you where at the end of this The Bamboo Guy Knives review.

2. Inefficient logistics

The Bamboo Guy Knives is a small company with insufficient capital to invest in logistics. They are forced to rely on inefficient third-party logistics. They have minimal control over the shipping speed.

Therefore, you may see a lot of customer complaints about their slow delivery. If you want fast shipping, go with a large marketplace like Amazon. Unlike The Bamboo Guy Knives, Amazon can ship products in a matter of days.

3. The Bamboo Guy Knives Has Few Positive Reviews

I looked for positive The Bamboo Guy Knives reviews but came up empty-handed. While the product is excellent, customers may be dissatisfied with their service.

Because The Bamboo Guy Knives is a small company, you should not expect them to provide world-class service. It is preferable to purchase from a large marketplace such as Amazon if you want to ensure good after-sales service. There is much better customer protection there.

4. The Bamboo Guy Knives does not offer unconditional refunds

The Bamboo Guy Knives does not always issue refunds to customers. Although there is a refund policy, The Bamboo Guy Knives has complete discretion over whether or not to issue refunds.

Some customers may find it unjust. However, this is a disadvantage when purchasing from an independent online store. Personally, I prefer purchasing from marketplaces such as Amazon, where the refund policy is reasonable. When requesting a refund, you will have Amazon’s backup.

5. Difficult to Return the Product

If you don’t like The Bamboo Guy Knives, it’s difficult to return it to them. You would be responsible for the shipping costs.

That is why I dislike shopping at independent stores. If you want to avoid this problem, I recommend purchasing from Amazon. If you don’t like the product, you can easily return it. Later, I’ll tell you where you can get a similar or identical product to The Bamboo Guy Knives on Amazon.

Is The Bamboo Guy Knives a Scam?

I cannot say The Bamboo Guy Knives is a scam for legal reasons. I researched them thoroughly, including their social media pages, review sites, forums, and so on. And while I see nothing suspicious about their business, I cannot find any verified positive reviews.

If The Bamboo Guy Knives is a genuine and well-established company offering high-quality products, you should be able to find numerous positive customer reviews about them online.

But, strangely, I can’t find any. This could be due to the company’s service quality rather than its product quality. As a result, I have less faith in them. That’s why I looked for a similar or identical product on Amazon for you. Let me elaborate later.

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The Bamboo Guy Knives Reviews: Final Verdict

The Bamboo Guy Knives seems to deliver on the promises made in their advertisements. However, I would not recommend purchasing from them. Instead, you can find a similar or identical product on Amazon.

Because The Bamboo Guy Knives is a small company, I am hesitant to purchase from them. Personally, I always try to find an alternative on Amazon. Every time, I can find a similar or better one at a lower price on Amazon. In the following section, I’ll tell you where you can get it on Amazon.

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Where to Get the Best Alternative for The Bamboo Guy Knives?

The Bamboo Guy Knives is ideal for cooking. It’s great in design and craftsmanship which makes it a good investment for the average professional chef.

However, the brand The Bamboo Guy Knives has spent a lot of money on advertising. As a result of the high marketing cost, they have to charge a much higher price than the similar knives on Amazon.

If you’d like to get the best alternative for The Bamboo Guy Knives, you might go to Amazon.

I found that Amazon’s Choice is just as good as The Bamboo Guy Knives but sold at a much more reasonable price.

That’s why I ended up buying a similar knife from Amazon and I still don’t regret it because of the great customer service and fast delivery!

You might consider checking it out so that you won’t regret it later.  

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