Deviously Sharp™ – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

Should you buy Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener? Is it worth your money?

If you are reading this review, chances are you have watched the advertisement of Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener and wonder if you should buy one for yourself or your friends.

Since I’m looking for a gift for my friend, I have spent some time researching the characteristics and functions of Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener. 

At the end of this article, I’ll also tell you where to get the best price of Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener.

Below is what I’ll cover in this review of Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener.

What is Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener?

Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener is the default high-end sharpener of the enthusiast knife market.

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It is suitable for all kinds of knives, including chef’s knife, auxiliary knife, peeler, boning knife, bone chopper, Western-style knife, slicer, etc, thereby helping you to keep your knife’s edge fine and cooking safer. 

Whether you’ve spent £150 on a high-end knife or under a tenner on a dinky paring knife, keeping it sharp is crucial.

Since my friend likes cooking a lot, I was about to buy one for her. However, when I was going to fill in my credit card information, I found that the price is cheaper at the official retail store

That’s why I ended up buying a Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener for my friend from there which turned out to be a great decision!

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How Does Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener Work?

Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener is a guided rod sharpener. The base of the sharpener attaches to a table with a pair of suction cups (or an optional bench mount) and the blade rests spine-down on a movable shelf which is adjusted to fit the size of the blade.  

The guided rod is a two piece setup, where the vertical rod slots into the base and the horizontal rod holds the stone.  The colored rings on the vertical rod indicate 3 degree increments starting from 15 degrees, allowing for easy angle setting. 

With the platform set and the angle selected, you place the knife on the sharpener with the edge facing you and run the stone across the edge, sliding the blade along the shelf to reach the entire edge.  

Why Choose Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener?

I reached out to the official retail store of Deviously Sharp™ for some advice and feedback on their system and got a very polite response back. 

They made a few salient points on what makes the Deviously Sharp™ better than some competitors.  

First, the edge of the blade faces you while you’re sharpening, which allows you to see the edge forming. This prevents you from removing more metal than is necessary, which makes the sharpening process extremely efficient and makes your knives last longer. 

The system also doesn’t use a clamp (like most other sharpeners) which allows you to reach lower sharpening angles, sharpen any length of blade and various blade shapes.

Where to Get the Best Price for Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener?

Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener is a perfect knife sharpener. I got one for my friend and she loves it so much.

If you’d like to get the best price for Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener, you might go to the official retail store.

It is now selling Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener at a fraction of the original price. But it is a limited time offer and the price might go up very soon.

That’s why I ended up buying Deviously Sharp™ Samurai’s Sharpener from there and I still don’t regret it because of the great customer service and fast delivery!

You might consider checking it out so that you won’t regret later. 

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