Cathego Shoes Review, Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

The idea of online shopping is becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

People are addicted to it to the extent that they prefer to shop on the internet instead of going to a physical store.

Shopping online saves a great deal of time, money and effort, so it makes sense to do so.

If you are a girl who is too busy to go outside and spend hours shopping but would love to have a great pair of sandals, we’ve got you covered!

Below is a detailed review of Cathego Shoes that has gone viral.

What is Cathego Shoes About?

Cathego is an online shoe/sandal shopping site that offers stylish and affordable shoes.

The company is based in the United States, and it sells a variety of shoes, sandals, pumps, and designer heels.

Is Cathego Shoes a Scam? Any Better Alternatives? Read This Review so That You Won't Regret It Later.

It’s the perfect place for young girls who are looking for classy, chic shoes.

They offer a huge selection of products at Cathego. Different types of shoes are available, as well as designs that are versatile. There is a wide range of shoes available for all different tastes, from flats to heels to wedges to pumps.

Pricing at this store is also exceptional. They offer incredibly reasonable prices on designer heels and the latest shoes, which is rare in the market.

Additionally, the non-stop sales make the customer even more attracted and urge them to purchase straight away.

However, how do you know whether Cathego is legit or is just another scam?

Well, that’s our job. Find out here if Cathego sandals are worth the money you spend on this website through an unbiased and genuine review.

Is Cathego Shoes a Scam?

Reviews on the internet about indicate that users have had negative experiences with the quality of their products. Facebook makes it easy to look up information about it.

My experience as an avid online shopper has taught me to beware of offers that seem too good to be true!

Cathego offers a wide range of sale offers that are so tempting, you’re tempted just to grab the offer and flaunt your chic new shoes to your friends.

That’s totally what we mean! There is a real temptation here. But before you make a hasty decision, I encourage you to review the following pros and cons that will help you reach a rational decision.

The Pros & Cons of Cathego Shoes

The Pros

  • The latest designs are available at Cathego.
  • The store offers a discount. The company has a Facebook page, which is another good thing. They offer discounts of up to 80% all the time. They also have a respectable number of likes on their page.
  • On occasion, they have clearance sales with buy one get one free offer.

The Cons

  • Customer reviews of express regret. In reviews on, buyers reported receiving mismatched or poorly made shoes.
  • Shoppers who shopped from this site complained about shipping and returns. You will need to pay the shipping costs from your pocket if you wish to return faulty products.
  • As for the customer service, it is terrible. Consumers can’t contact them by phone and the company doesn’t answer their emails. E-commerce businesses must take exceptional care of their customers as a golden rule. Sites that cannot satisfy the basic rule and only wish to make money out of their customers are not worth visiting.
  • External links on your website will give your website a better reputation on the internet. has an unusually low number of external links.
  • The website does not list a return address. Though the site claims to be based in the United States, the company may import goods from China and want you to pay hefty return shipping costs if you don’t like the product.
  • was created not long ago. To be honest, it’s brand new, which makes it suspicious. Websites that have been around for more than a year are easy for customers to trust.

Who is the Owner of Cathego Shoes?

Creating an identity is crucial for a brand. In a virtual space, it’s impossible to trust someone without seeing and knowing them. A brand’s identity is what makes it unique.

On, I could find no information about the owner or brand story.

This website is virtually devoid of information about the people behind it.

The website’s about us section contains just some generic lines, and that’s it.

A website that hides their identity and does not reveal it is a site I would avoid.

Final Verdict: Cathego Shoes Review

Cathego doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy online store, though it claims to sell high-quality sandals, shoes, and boots. 

Cathego store, according to one customer, is very shady. When she took the shoes out of the box, the strap was already coming apart because they were so cheaply made. 

The shoes are terribly misshaped and she has no idea who would have worn them. 

In the weeks since she purchased these products, she tried returning them and trying to get her money back – but sorry, nothing is working. Her money has gone down the toilet.

In one word, customers who purchase from Cathego might run the risk of getting counterfeit products or nothing at all. 

If you are not satisfied with Cathego, you can open a dispute with your bank or financial institution to have it cancelled or the money refunded.

Comment below and assist us in making online shopping safer by letting us know your experience with Cathego Shoes.

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